Investment Opportunity – Ideal Implant

Rock Creek Advisors, LLC (“Rock Creek”) is contacting you regarding Ideal Implant, Incorporated (“Ideal Implant” or “the Company”).

Invented by Dallas plastic surgeon Robert S. Hamas, MD, Ideal Implant is poised to supplant older breast implant products with its Structured Saline Implant that combines the natural feel of silicone gel implants with the safety and peace of mind of saline implants. The nested shell structure supports shape, has less collapsing and wrinkling, and a lower risk of rupture.

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Dallas, Ideal Implant is a capital efficient company poised for growth. The Company has integrated online ordering, receivables, logistics and inventory. Surgeons order directly from the website, with production and fulfillment outsourced to a specialized provider. With a strong focus on patient care and safety, Ideal Implant’s brand is well recognized in US and global markets as the obvious choice for today’s health-conscious and well-informed woman. General information can be found at the Company’s website:

The Offering and Summary Memorandum in the link below provide the following information: Company Overview, Market Opportunity, Product and IP Portfolio, Revenue information, Management Team, and an outline of the Process and Timing.

Rock Creek is running a 7-week process, but we will accept indications of interest prior to that time. We require an executed Confidentiality Agreement (see link below) to provide access to a Confidential electronic data room with more company information.

If there is another person at your firm who would be more appropriate to review this matter, please let us know and/or forward this information accordingly. Also, if your firm is not interested in pursuing this opportunity, we’d appreciate knowing in order not to continue to follow up with you.

Ideal Implant Summary Memo      –      Ideal Implant Sale Process NDA

7 Week Process 

Indication of Interest Deadline: Wednesday, November 16, 2022, 5 pm ET
Final Term Sheets Deadline: Wednesday, November 23, 2022, 5 pm ET

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