Rock Creek specializes in advising and operating companies through state regulated Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors (ABCs), which are a faster, cheaper, and less publicized insolvency proceeding that allows a company to shed its liabilities in a cost effective manner, sell the assets of the company and wind-down the company by the Rock Creek professionals.

Our Services

  • Company assets are assigned to a Rock Creek SPE to sell the assets for the benefit of creditors
  • Rock Creek professionals take over all fiduciary responsibilities from the Company
  • Company relieved of all Creditor contact and communication
  • Rock Creek runs a time sensitive Asset Sale process
  • Rock Creek works with secured lender to ensure maximum returns


Rock Creek works with company management to develop and execute on a restructuring plan to move the company forward. Rock Creek is by the company’s side as a partner to advise on every aspect of the process – from cash management, creditor negotiations, location closings, layoffs, and contract negotiations.

Our Services

  • Cash management
  • Development of a turnaround strategy
  • Financial modeling
  • Creditor negotiations
  • Contract negotiations
  • Bankruptcy related services
  • Management services
  • Asset sales

Turnarounds & Financial Advisory

As former operators, we can help bridge the gap between a management team’s turnaround plan and their investors need to maximize short term value.

We work closely with all constituents to analyze the situation, develop a workplan with clear deliverables/timeframes, develop the steps for a turnaround, and execute accordingly.

Our Services

  • Cash management
  • Financial analysis
  • Cash flow plan
  • Interim management
  • Execution of future strategy

Fiduciary Services

Rock Creek provides Fiduciary Services in Chapter 7 and 11 bankruptcies and non-bankruptcy litigation in both state and federal courts. We serve as trustee or financial advisor both during a Chapter 7 or 11 case, and in connection with post confirmation liquidation/litigation trusts. In non-bankruptcy situations, we are experienced in serving as a Receiver as well as being one of the country’s top Assignees in ABCs.

Our Services

  • Liquidating Trustee
  • Financial Advisor to Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 Trustee
  • State receiverships
  • Company wind-downs
  • Financial Advisor to unsecured creditor committees

Pension Financial Advisory Services

Rock Creek Advisors works with Plan Sponsors of Single and Multiemployer Pension plans to provide the best strategic outcomes. We provide advice on restructuring, defeasing, withdrawing from, or transferring legacy liabilities in pension funds. We negotiate settlements, waivers, no-action letters, and exemptions with regulatory authorities. Our experience provides invaluable advice in the recent legislative, regulatory and accounting environment.

Our Services

  • Pension financial advisory and negotiations
  • Advice, valuation and support in pension plan transactions
  • Restructuring evaluation of pension plan
  • Strategic advice on pension fund alternatives
  • Litigation support and expert testimony on pension liabilities

We work with companies and their investors, shareholders, directors, lenders, and other relevant constituents to help companies maximize their true potential.

Our Experience

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