Investment Opportunity – Flowonix Medical Inc.

Rock Creek Advisors, LLC (“Rock Creek”) is contacting you regarding Flowonix Medical Inc. (“Flowonix” or “the Company”). We are soliciting interest to find a strategic partner for the Company.

Flowonix has developed an implantable, programmable, pump platform that can be used to deliver targeted medications to the body for multiple therapies. Founded in 2005, with facilities in New Jersey and Massachusetts, Flowonix provides a best-in-class solution and competes favorably in several strategic markets. It’s flagship product, the Prometra II Pump, has been commercialized for chronic pain, cancer pain and spasticity, achieving improved functional relief with a dramatic reduction in the side effects of high-dose oral medications. Unlike many pumps currently on the market, Flowonix’s pump uses a motorless pump design that uses pressure-based movement to open and close valves, which not only provides superior dose accuracy, but allows the pump to function longer without replacement. Supplementary hand-held devices make programming and dose management easier for the patient to avoid side effects that would usually be associated with oral medication.

With a robust portfolio of over 14 issued patents, Flowonix has put together a strong development pipeline to attack a marketplace with a current total addressable market of over $350mm. The Company is on pace to achieve ~50% YoY revenue growth over the next 2 years and achieve EBITDA profitability by 2025. In addition, the Company continues to refine its technology and develop pathways for new indications such as Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, Parkinson’s Disease, and Epilepsy; markets that together represent a $2B opportunity. These factors along with their product offering help make Flowonix an appealing opportunity.

General information can be found at the Company’s website: The Offering and Summary Memorandum in the link below provide the following information: Company Overview, Product and IP Portfolio, Current & Future Market Opportunity, Patent Portfolio, and an outline of the Process and Timing.

Rock Creek is running a 7-week process through December 5, but we will accept indications of interest prior to that time as well to move the process forward. We require an executed Confidentiality Agreement (see link below) to provide access to a Confidential electronic data room with more company information.  If there is another person at your firm who would be more appropriate to review this matter, please let us know and/or forward this information accordingly. Also, if your firm is not interested in pursuing this opportunity, we’d appreciate knowing in order not to continue to follow up with you.

Flowonix Medical Inc. Sale Memo     –     Flowonix Medical Inc. Sale Process NDA

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