Rock Creek Advisors Chosen as Financial Advisor to JRV Group USA L.P.

Rock Creek Advisors, LLC has been chosen as financial advisor to the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors of JRV GROUP USA L.P. (“JRV”).

JRV manufactured the American Fastbacks Badlands, “a rolling, off-roading, Wrangler recreational vehicle. Instead of using the Jeep to get to the campsite, the California-based American Fastbacks turns the Jeep into the campsite…thanks to a nifty roof-mounted tent. It’s actually an electrically operated hardtop camper that mounts to the Jeep’s roof, featuring an aluminum frame with a wool mattress that can fit two people.”

Rock Creek Advisors is helping the Committee work with the Debtor to monetize the remaining inventory, as well as create the best returns for Unsecured Creditors.