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Rock Creek Advisors (the “Sale Agent”) is contacting you regarding the sale of NovaSignal Corp (the “Company” or “NovaSignal”).

NovaSignal is a medical technology company dedicated to developing and commercializing cutting-edge diagnostic tools for neurological conditions. It has a proprietary robotic, AI-driven, transcranial Doppler (TCD) ultrasound system that provides the only autonomous physiological assessment of the brain using cerebral hemodynamics. This is a breakthrough technology aiding physicians in the diagnosis of stroke and other neurological conditions such as dementia, and traumatic brain injury. Given that stroke is the number one cause of adult disability in the United States, NovaSignal gives physicians the ability to accurately diagnose the cause of stroke, speed up the time to treatment and reduce the risk of a secondary stroke.

NovaSignal has a strong customer base with 50+ customer wins through Q1 2023 including institutions such as Mount Sinai Health Systems and CHI Memorial. The strong business model generates multiple recurring revenue streams from clients with a strong ROI in under 7 to 14 months. With NovaSignal technology, hospitals and outpatient clinics are obtaining better patient outcomes which also result in an increase in revenue through detection and treatment.

The technology is backed by extensive clinical evidence and verifiable results. It is the only platform on the market capable of measuring blood flow data in the large arteries of the brain, and with this, superior results over other forms of detection. In a recent successful study (Link) at CHI Memorial, the technology performed 3x better than conventional cardiac testing at identifying cardiac abnormalities. An excerpt in the study states: “After seeing the positive impact delivered by TCD ultrasound in our practice, it became clear to both our brain and heart doctors that it must be incorporated into our practice as a new standard of care.”

NovaSignal was founded in 2013 and is based in Los Angeles. See Summary Memo link below for information on the Company as well as the company webpage

Rock Creek is working to sell the Company as a going concern entity. We will consider all offers of interest. Term sheets will be due no later than Tuesday, May 23rd, at 5 pm ET, but we will accept indications of interest prior to that time. We require an executed Confidentiality Agreement (see NDA link below) to provide access to a Confidential electronic data room with more company information.

If there is another person at your firm who would be more appropriate to review this matter, please let us know and/or forward this information accordingly. Also, if your firm is not interested in pursuing this opportunity, we’d appreciate knowing in order not to continue to follow up with you.



NovaSignal Corp. Summary Memo                                               NovaSignal Corp. Sale Process NDA



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