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Rock Creek Advisors (the “Sale Agent”) is contacting you regarding the sale of the RIFF Analytics and GEMS Assets (“Assets”) of Esme Learning Solutions (the “Company” or “Esme”) .

Esme Learning Solutions has been reinventing remote learning by leveraging AI-enabled tools and years of peer-reviewed cognitive and neuroscience research to deliver an immersive and highly applied collaborative learning experience. At this time, the Company is offering two of its primary intellectual property assets–RIFF Analytics and GEMS–for sale to interested strategic buyers..

Riff Analytics is an award-winning platform which bolsters team cohesion and strengthens the way people communicate, learn, and perform.  For further information on this proprietary platform and how it may be of value to your business, please see the link below.

GEMS, or Game-based Experiential Management Simulations, is a proprietary learning tool developed by Esme. GEMS is a game-based learning tool that is based on Minecraft and is structured to make learning fun. For further information on this EdTech asset please use the link below.

Rock Creek is now working to sell the RIFF Analytics and GEMS Assets. We will consider all offers of interest. Term sheets will be due no later than Wednesday, June 14th, at 5 pm ET, but we will accept indications of interest prior to that time. We require an executed Confidentiality Agreement (see NDA link below) to provide access to a Confidential electronic data room with more information on the assets.

If there is another person at your firm who would be more appropriate to review this matter, please let us know and/or forward this information accordingly. Also, if your firm is not interested in pursuing this opportunity, we’d appreciate knowing in order not to continue to follow up with you.


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Esme Learning NDA






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